Written/Directed by Reginald T. Jackson

Genre: Drama

Log Line: The Way We Were meets Soul Food

Running time: 25 minutes

Cast: Candice Myers, Gilbert Glenn Brown, Michael Chenevert, Mary Hodges and Robert Anton.

Production time: January 7, 2013

SOUL MATES is an effusive love story about two people separated by time and trickery. Reginald and Anita pledged their love to each other ten years ago, but ten years later they have grown into two different people from two separate worlds. Anita has Brandon, the man of her dreams now, Harvard business school, willing to give her whatever she dreams, as long as it is far away from the “hood” which he hates. But Reginald, still in the old neighborhood, yearns to be her love and give her what they pledged to each other once long ago. No one is really what they seem and feelings are as raw as ever.  Can they find their way back to each other, or will two worlds be forever be torn apart?

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