Genre: Dramatic Feature

Leading Characters: CAMILLE, CLYDE.


Rating: PG 13

Running Time: 120 Minutes

SIXTY NINE is a sexy, steamy, and provocative story of Camille, a wealthy, white divorcee, who after being abruptly abandoned by her husband of thirteen years, relocates from the quiet exclusive gated community of Upper Montclair, New Jersey, to the insanity of the East Village of New York City.

Still struggling with the loss of her husband and the loss of the world she has grown to know and love, Camille takes to seeking comfort in Vodka and male hustlers.

Clyde, an young, African-American, hustler-stripper-actor-singer is Camille’s  latest catch. Or is she his? Only time will tell.

A chance meeting between the two at an opening night  party for an experimental theater company in the East Village that Camille’s funding, turns into a weekend of secrets being revealed, potential sex, violence, fast moving and life-changing events; as these two “smooth operators” tangle and struggle mentally to see who will win out over the other. Winner take all.

Ultimately, these two complex and desperate people from different racial and economic worlds discover that they are actually Kindred Spirits in crisis and eagerly seek each others help to rescue themselves from the dark despair and fatal loneliness that could end up being their lives.

Not since Mrs. Robinson seduced Benjamin or Richard Gere charmed the pants off hollywood’s elite ladies, has a cinematic experience been so shocking and surprise a minute.

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