HOUSE OF LEAR is a radical adaptation of King Lear set in the murky underworld of New York City. Lear – now Mother Lear — is a black drag queen dying of AIDS. Mother Lear is the most powerful legendary diva in all of New York City and commands a ball and vogue house of thousands of “children.” Goneril and Regan are also drag queens and Mother Lear’s vicious daughters out to steal their mother’s house and install themselves as the new mothers of the HOUSE OF LEAR. But in this dangerous world no one can be trusted and everyone turns on everyone. The legendary beauty, Cordelia,  has fallen victim to Mother Lear’s wrath and later the jealousy of her sisters. As an epic drama unfolds,  Mother Lear slips deeper and deeper into dementia and illness, while still raging at her treacherous daughters and the famous storm, set on the New York City West Side Highway Piers The great Mother Lear finally expires on the same stage she was once worshipped on as a legend.

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