STRAIGHT BOYS, is a very funny and provocative comedy full of twists and turns. Just when you think you have it figured out, the characters flip the script again. Eric, a very straight and nerdy budding playwright from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, submits one of his plays accidentally to a gay theatre and it gets accepted. Tony, Eric’s actor best friend convinces Eric to go along with the secret and let the gay theatre produce the play to give Eric some much needed experience in the big city of New York.  As Eric play develops during the rehearsal process, so does Eric’s feelings and sense of self identity. Eric eventually starts questioning his own sexuality. This gives rise to hilarity as Eric makes a fool of himself trying to seduce the director of the play who rejects him and sends him home to his best friend and real love interest Tony.  Two friends are tested in every way possible to see just how much their friendship can handle before it explodes in their face.

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