Rating: PG 13

Running Time: 105 Minutes

Genre: Romantic Comedy & Action Adventure



FLIM FLAM is a comedy that centers around  two identical twins – TRENT is the hustler/con-man from New York City and TREVOR is the artistic/fashion photographer living in  – Hollywood and Los Angeles. TRENT is straight and TREVOR is gay. As the movie begins TRENT and MARGARITE pull off a con on MARK # 1 by luring him from the hotel bar of a fancy hotel to his hotel room with the promise of sex with MARGARITE. Once in the hotel room TRENT and MAGARITE end up ripping him off. Then they celebrate this con with a party at their own, run-down hotel room.. After running out of “coke” MARGARITE forces TRENT to take her back to the “coke” spot to get more. When they arrive at the “coke” spot, they witness a big drug deal going down between “the Drug Dealer” and “Mobster # 1.”  MARGARITE, always looking for the big score so she can live the “high life” comes up with the insane idea of ripping-off  “the drug dealer” and “mobster # 1” of a large amount of mob money.  Before TRENT can stop her, MARGARITE runs into “Mobster #1” as he exits the “coke” spot with the money and cons him into believing she is being chased by her angry and dangerous husband and asks “Mobster #1” to take her away with him. But once in the car MARGARITE pulls a gun and orders “Mobster #1” out of the car and even adds insult to injury by shooting “Mobster #1” in the foot.

On the run, they escape to Los Angeles and plan to hide out with TRENT’s twin brother TREVOR until things cool off. As TRENT and MARGARITE arrives in Los Angeles, we discover TREVOR is leaving Los Angeles for the Caribbean to lick his wounds from a sudden break-up with his long-time boyfriend. When TRENT and MARGARITE arrive at TREVOR’s apartment building, TRENT is immediately mistaken for TREVOR and so “the plan” is born. TRENT is going to pretend to be his gay twin brother in order to hide himself. As TRENT and MARGARITE continue their conning ways pretending to be TREVOR and TREVOR’s new bestfriend. The Mob searches for them, MR. BIG requesting the warm heart of both of them or he will kill Mobster #1 for letting them get away with his money. The MOB quickly moves in on TRENT and MARGARITE, discovering they are in Los Angeles. When the Mobsters arrive in Los Angeles they come across TREVOR, innocently returning early from his trip to the Caribbean. Thinking TREVOR is TRENT, the Mobsters kidnap him. TREVOR, not knowing anything about his brother’s sins can’t help the Mobsters find the money. Instead, he confuses them with the truth that there is another brother, TRENT, who is identical to him and responsible for the deed they have kidnapped him for. Unsure of the “story” they’ve heard, the Mobsters contact MR. BIG, who decides to come to Los Angeles to straighten things out.

TRENT and MARGARITE continue the charade for as long as they can; even participating in a photo shoot for SILK MAGAZINE of six supermodels in Victoria Secret lingerie. Of course, this lends itself to many comic opportunities as “straight” TRENT tries to fight his natural desires for the beautiful – partially clothed – supermodels and instead pretends to be “gay”, and therefore unaffected by their beauty and semi-nakedness. TRENT also experiences a glimpse of his brother’s world when he is approached by TREVOR’s boyfriend, who arrives after the photo shoot to beg for forgiveness for his infidelity and win back TREVOR’s heart. Eventually the brothers meet and battle over the trouble caused by TRENT’s misdoing. Finally, exhausted by a physical fight that takes them through TREVOR’s entire apartment they agree to put their differences aside and work as a team, brothers, to get the money back to the MOB; only one small problem: MARGARITE runs off with the money. TRENT, confused and heart broken must face his true self and all his faults and chooses to make amends for his wrongs and find MARGARITE and the money and return them both to the MOB.

Ultimately, MARGARITE, TRENT and TREVOR are brought face to face and TRENT must choose between TREVOR and MARGARITE. Then MR. BIG and the Mobsters arrive and all hell breaks loose.

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