lutherWe still don’t have a date as to when season 3 of Luther will debut, but we assumed that it would happen sometime later this year, given that principal photography ended in mid-February, and post-production has since begun. The BBC hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but the star of the series, Idris Elba, revealed in an interview with the UK’s Guardian, that season 3 will debut in September. He doesn’t give an exact date, just that it’ll return this September, so that gives us something to work with.And like last season, I assume the BBC will make the episodes of next season available here in the USA within 24 hours or so after they air in the UK. That seems to be the trend, with other UK series that have USA followings, making episodes available to USA audiences soon after they are broadcast on UK TV – like Misfits did last year. Last we spoke of Luther was in January, when it was hinted that Alice might be returning for season 3. Leading up to that post, for much of last year, we’d been led to believe by show creator Neil Cross that we shouldn’t expect the Alice Morgan storyline to return in any sort of way this season. Both he and star Idris Elba emphasized that they were trying to set things up for the “bigger picture,” saying that there’s a possibility that Alice’s storyline will come back when the Luther feature film is made. But don’t expect to see much of her in season 3, if at all.


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